Series EH02 Through EH05

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Extreme HD Balancers for tools 1.1-11 lbs.


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Minimum quantity for "Extreme HD Balancers for tools 1.1-11 lbs." is 1.

Extreme HD Balancers for tools 1.1-11 lbs. - EH-02, EH-03, EH-05

Series “EH” Tapered Drum tool balancers keep tools within reach and reduce damage to tools by suspending them out of the
way above the work surface. Risk of repetitive motion injury is reduced because only a light, downward force is required to
place the tool in proper operating position. As the tool is lowered, and the spring is wound more tightly, the effective drum
diameter increases to compensate for the increased force. Thus, when properly adjusted, the tapered drum keeps the tool at the
positioned height.

Features include:
• Rugged die cast aluminum housing.
• Both top and bottom hooks have spring-loaded safety latches.
• Heavy duty steel wire rope.
• Automatic safety catch…prevents free-spooling if springs fail (not available on EH-02/EH-05).
• Easy adjustment with everyday tools from outside housing.

Series EH02 Through EH05 Chart

Tapered drum compensates for changing spring rate.
Direct spring powered...no motors or expensive gear
trains to break or wear out. Heavy-duty construction.

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