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Round Cable & Hose Kits WR-XX-36


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Round Cable & Hose Kit WR-XX-36 – Please enlarge chart to view model specifications.


STEP 1 Determine Active Travel (AT) required and choose the appropriate kit from either the Flat Cable (WF) or Round Cable/hose (WR) table.

STEP 2 Loop depth is assumed at 36" for all kits. Adjust to suit. Longer loop depth provides greater Active Travel…shorter loop depth provides less Active Travel. NOTE: Wire rope in kits is sufficient for System Length (SL) shown plus amount needed for securing at each end. If longer loop depth is to be used, order longer kit.

STEP 3 Cable/hose NOT INCLUDED. Order separately length shown on table plus amount needed at each end for hook up to your system.

NOTE: Cable or hose are NOT INCLUDED. Order, separately, footage shown on model chart plus length needed at each end for hook-up. If you need to order cable please send us an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

*Please select "Attachments Tab" to see the Wire Rope Information Sheet.