Reliable & Economical Series “ED”

SERIES “ED” TOOL BALANCERS are the economical choice for balancing tools weighing up to 5 lbs(2.3kg). Molded ABS housing has a smooth exterior with rounded edges designed for maximum ergonomic appeal. Series “ED” balancers are the most modern, easiest to adjust, and reliable available. Each balancer incorporates all of the important functions expected of a world class product.

Seven Reasons Why our Reels are Better:

1- Hand-windable spring tension adjustment knob is flush

with the housing.

2- Push-button tension release simplifies decrease

of spring tension.

3- Rugged steel upper swivel hook with secondary

safety cable provision.

4- Over-sized cable opening with direct in-line pull to reduce cable wear.

5- 270 lb(121.5kg) test 0.047”(1.2mm) dia. 7 x 7 strand galvanized steel aircraft

cable nylon covered to 0.063”(1.6mm) O.D.

6- Adjustable cable stop and lower safety hook.

7- Matte black finish to minimize reflected light and reduce eye strain.