Flat Cable Kits

Flat Cable Kits – Please enlarge chart to view model specifications

 Kit Selection Procedure: You must know...

1– CABLE or HOSE...Use appropriate model chart for flat type cable/hose.

2– LOOP DEPTH (LD)...30" loop and 48" loop shown for planning purposes. Final loop depth should be between these two examples.

With a given number of trolleys, longer loop depth = longer travel. However, loop depth is often dictated by available clearance beneath wire rope.

3– ACTIVE TRAVEL (AT)...Select kit which best fulfills requirements. If your system length must be longer than system length specified for active travel length you require, order by system length so wire rope supplied with kit will not be too short.

NOTE: Cable or hose are NOT INCLUDED. Order, separately, footage shown on model chart plus length needed at each end for hook-up.